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My foray into the world of social media has taught me a few things which is progress, right?

The first thing I learned is that apparently the majority of my readers are from the Ukraine and that the primary purpose of my blog is for them to promote their services by embedding links in the comments section. No surprises but these “services” are usually of a questionable nature.

The other thing I learned is that my blogs were too long. Seth Godin, whom I consider a master at communication publishes extremely valuable blog posts that are oftentimes only a couple of sentences. Comparatively speaking, my blog posts were more analogous to War and Peace.

From that, I’ve learned that we do in fact live in an “attention economy” and most people couldn’t care less about my pontifications if they extend beyond two paragraphs max.

But this highlights some other lessons ; A.) Exactly who in the hell do I think I am to think that people are even interested in my ramblings and how big must my ego be? B.) People want information condensed into 140 characters or less which is why Twitter is so huge. By the way, I have started using Twitter also…more progress.

These realizations caused me to stop, step back and reconsider what this blog should be about and how it can be more meaningful to anyone that happens to stumble across it.

So, with this enlightenment (I realize that I have just lost 85% of you), going forward I shall commit to keeping my musings clear and very concise. I will also attempt to provide engaging and thought provoking snippets of information that will in turn, cause you to stop, step back and reconsider.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you and to my fans in the Ukraine, will you please limit your comments to 100 per day.