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High-Impact | High-Value Advisory Services for the Performance Optimized Enterprise

Mergers & Acquisitions

Deals present unparalleled opportunities for faster growth, stronger capabilities, and dramatic transformation. Michael Baylor Advisory Services offers integrated consulting and transaction advisory services from strategy through execution and value capture — bringing the most relevant capabilities, perspectives, and insights to your biggest M&A transformations.

Our global experience across the entire M&A agenda, blends the capabilities of a strategy, transaction advisory, and management consulting firm. Together, we help clients along the deals journey to capture value and sustain profitable growth.

How Can MBAS Help?


Our integrated approach draws from strategy, operations, valuation, diligence, IT, transformation, tax, and capital markets to help clients enter into the right deal, and close with speed and certainty, while unlocking hidden value from a merger or acquisition. We help clients navigate the many opportunities and interdependencies associated with complex, large, and cross-border M&A deals.

Service offerings include:

    • Screening, evaluating, and assessing acquisition targets, including capabilities fit
    • Determining the appropriate price for the target
    • Closing the deal
    • Developing the future strategy and operating model of the combined entity
    • Integrating both organizations
    • Realizing post-deal value creation
    • Managing people aspects and supporting cultural integration


Divestitures play — or should play — a key role in many companies’ growth strategy. With the rise in shareholder activism and focus on portfolio realignment, more and more companies are divesting assets to move toward stronger positions in the future. Divestitures can be a primary lever to better align your company’s portfolio with your value proposition and distinctive capabilities system.

While divestitures can be more complex than typical acquisitions, they provide opportunities to increase the overall value of your remaining business portfolio. We help clients with rigorous diligence and clear strategic vision so they can determine the right assets to divest, the right transaction structure, and the right timing to make a move.

Service offerings include:

    • Determining the business to be divested and the best structure
    • Identifying buyers that would benefit from the business to be divested, given their capabilities fit with the target
    • Evaluatinging tax implications and advantages
    • Addressing stranded costs
    • Negotiating the price and conditions for the deal
    • Preparations for closing and keeping the business running
    • Closing the deal
    • Managing post-deal service agreements


Alliances have become pervasive in the very fabric of how business is conducted, and they will continue to grow in size, power, and influence. Indeed, borrowing capabilities via an alliance instead of building or buying them through acquisitions has become a proven way to strengthen a company’s set of capabilities. We help clients select the right partner or structure and develop a rigorous approach to manage alliances, creating real collaboration with a string of interconnected relationships that allow them to outperform the competition.

Service offerings include:

    • Defining the vision and developing an explicit alliance strategy
    • Identifying the critical capabilities that need to be strengthened via the acquisition
    • Formulating the alliances, by screening and evaluating priority partners
    • Negotiating and implementing alliances
    • Setting the governance for the alliance and institutionalizing alliance capabilities
    • Renewing the alliance portfolio

Deals Strategy

Seizing opportunity depends not only on developing the right strategic vision, but also moving it forward with agility and speed. Working closely with your M&A team, we help you do both, integrating strategic perspective and execution insights throughout a deal. From assessing the potential impact of changes in your industry landscape, to helping you navigate complexity, we uncover opportunities for you to capture more value while keeping you on track to achieve your strategic goals.

Service offerings include:

    • Creating deal strategy
    • Assessing industry dynamics
    • Optimizing the portfolio
    • Serving as lead advisor
    • Providing independent advice on valuation
    • Developing capital structure and financing options
    • Accelerating corporate goals, with end-to-end value optimization
    • Helping clients fluidly navigate tax and accounting complexity
    • Advancing private equity portfolio performance

Capital Markets

A deep knowledge of capital raising and regulatory processes and global experience enables us to work with clients in the US and in principal capital markets around the world. We help you identify new ways to access capital or focus investment where it matters most. We equip you with the objective, unbiased guidance that you need so that you can make decisions for growing your business.

Service offerings include:

    • Equity offerings, with initial public offerings and secondary offerings in the equity capital markets including reverse merger, master limited partnership, and REIT structures
    • Debt offerings, with registered and exempt debt offerings including both investment-grade and high-yield
    • Spinoff transactions, with separation and registration of public shares for a pro rata distribution to shareholders
    • Capital structure, capital raising, and capital alternatives
    • Financial structuring
    • Strategic planning
    • Complex accounting and reporting issues
    • Independent view on investment bank and equity research analyst selection, pricing, valuation, and equity raising process

Private Equity

With the ability to both formulate an acquisition strategy and translate it seamlessly into detailed value improvement levers and initiatives, we help clients in the private equity space with their deals and operations improvement needs. We deliver integrated insights and effect change with the speed that private equity needs, from pre-deal analysis, through post-acquisition restructuring strategies, to advising on the right exit strategy to maximize value capture.

Service offerings include:

    • Commercial due diligence
    • Restructuring and turnarounds
    • Exit strategy

Crisis and Restructuring

Your business is unlike anyone else’s. That’s why our cross-functional expertise helps create a unique, holistic, and strategic view of your organization and its path forward, no matter the issue at hand. From bankruptcy to liquidity constraints to underperforming businesses, our coordinated perspectives evaluate strategic and financial alternatives to get you building value for the future with speed and confidence.

We help clients find the right runway to a speedy recovery with solutions for a range of needs, from turnaround and restructuring plans to optimized exit strategies.

Service offerings include:

    • Corporate reorganizations
    • Evaluation of liquidity positions
    • Advice on operating efficiency and margin enhancement


Michael Baylor Advisory Services is a professional services firm and think tank serving clients globally.

As Principal Consultant, Michael Baylor is noted globally for his vision. Through his advisory services, he provides insights that inform business and compliance strategies that are aligned with long-term objectives and that effectively manage risks while creating and leveraging opportunities for success.

Whether explaining new payment & business models, analyzing a trend, or expressing a perspective, Michael brings clarity, accuracy, and balance through his strategic insights. His insights on lab and medical practice optimization help his clients see below the tip of the iceberg and navigate the complexity inherent in the business and to make needed strategic changes that have a lasting impact.

Through research, lab owner & physician advisory and mentoring programs, consulting and speaking events, Michael personally provides guidance to clients around the world on strategy, business optimization and compliance interpretation & risk avoidance.

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An Industry Transforming

The healthcare segment continues to face ongoing transformational changes. The increasingly complex regulatory environment, the pace of technological change, and rising performance expectations of labs and providers by patients and payers, are among the current challenges that call for an informed and structured response.

Michael Baylor Advisory Services (MBAS), helps clients navigate this complexity, providing insight into the healthcare industry’s most pressing issues, assisting clinical labs and medical practices in achieving their most strategic initiatives, and turning challenges into opportunity.

Optimizing Lab Performance & Utilization | Enabling Physicians to Focus on the Practice of Medicine | Reducing Compliance Risk

Michael Baylor builds bridges between labs and clinicians in order to reduce compliance risk, improve patient outcomes and increase the ability to deliver efficient, quality care. He opens communication channels to establish a meaningful dialogue between labs and doctors to improve clinical outcomes.

He also helps clients establish a collaborative culture that breaks down barriers between the many disciplines required in order to create lasting organizational change by providing seats at the table for all stakeholders.

Clinical Laboratory Data and Physician Collaborations that Add Value

As the healthcare system shifts to a “value-based” approach, labs must also find ways to transition from an “accession-centric” or “volume-centric” approach to one that is “patient-centric,” in order to survive and thrive in this new era of healthcare.

A patient-centric approach means shifting from a laboratory business built on specimen volume to one that delivers more value throughout the patient continuum of care. This requires the establishment of integrated and supportive processes between the doctor ordering tests and the lab performing them.

Today, almost every clinical laboratory is under significant and sustained financial pressure. Payers continue to reduce the prices they pay for lab tests. Similarly, hospitals and health systems—facing flat or declining volume of inpatients—are pushing budget cuts across all their clinical service lines, including their labs. These trends force lab directors to pursue the twin strategy of cutting costs while increasing revenue.

Better utilization of lab tests is a business and clinical strategy that enables labs to meet both goals. When physicians do a better job of ordering the right test and following up the lab test results with the right therapies, healthcare costs go down while patient outcomes improve.

Further, with Medicare and private health insurers continuing to move toward value-based reimbursement arrangements, any clinical lab that can step up and help its client physicians achieve documented improvements in patient outcomes has a legitimate claim to fair reimbursement under bundled and budgeted payment arrangements.

Enabling Physicians to Focus on the Practice of Medicine

The attention of doctors has gradually shifted from patient care, practice management and growth, to a focus on trying to comprehend and comply with the myriad compliance requirements and the escalating pace of change and disruption in the healthcare industry, most notably, in reimbursement models.

MBAS is committed to understanding the challenges faced by our clients and developing distinctive value propositions and capabilities to help them capture their fair share in a rapidly changing healthcare marketplace.



Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Positioning, Business & Clinical Process Modeling & Optimization, Learning Management, Strategic Sourcing, Enterprise Architecture


Utilization Management & Optimization, Visioning, Realization, Risk Avoidance, Organizational Transformation, Operating Model Optimization, Financial Optimization, Human Capital Planning, Social Media Strategies


SOC, SOX, HIPAA, MACRA/MIPS, Compliance Risk Management, LDT’s, PDMP, Reporting Requirements, 42-CFR-493, 42-USC-263a, 21-CFR-58


Validation, Consolidation, Simplification, Failure-Mode & Effects Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Process Modeling, Use-Case Modeling, Stakeholder Negotiations, Business Continuity Planning

In-Flight Performance Snapshot

The In-Flight Performance Snapshot involves a highly focused review of the entire “business architecture” (people, processes, and technologies), that occurs during the course of normal operations. The Snapshot is highly relevant to both clinical labs and medical practices.

The review includes:

    • Policies & Procedures (including Prescription Drug Monitoring Plans)
    • Compliance Posture
    • Quality Metrics (KPI’s & CSF’s)
    • Billing & Collections Performance
    • Office Staff Policies
    • Scheduling Performance
    • Adverse Event Management
    • Payor Mix/Ancillary Services/Profit Centers
    • Reputation Analysis
    • Market Analysis & Positioning
    • Positioning: Growth, M&A and Exit Strategies

The results are used to construct a Performance Snapshot that provides a stoplight report (green, yellow, red), that rapidly and clearly identifies areas of strength, weakness, and opportunities for improvement along with specific recommendations for immediate optimization (low-hanging fruit).

Lab Test Utilization Management

Today’s most pressing topic in the clinical laboratory profession is utilization management of laboratory tests, for a simple reason. A successful lab test utilization project typically produces improved patient outcomes while reducing lab costs and cutting the overall cost of the patient encounter.

Better yet, projects to improve lab test utilization can be initiated quickly and typically produce almost immediate improvements in patient care and healthcare costs. That makes this lab strategy a triple winner, because the patients get better care, physicians achieve higher outcomes, and the clinical lab gets both recognition and increased funding because of the value it has added.

This is good news for all labs, whether large or small, hospital-based or independent. Lab test utilization projects are an effective way to raise the lab’s profile with payers and physicians because the added value from these projects is easy to measure, both in terms of patient care and the decreased cost of care.

However, there is a right and a wrong way for labs to launch utilization management projects. Done right, physicians jump on board, administration provides resources, and the resulting collaboration delivers rapid gains in patient outcomes. Done wrong, the lab finds itself pushing against provider resistance and organizational hurdles.

That is why it is essential that your clinical lab get it right when initiating a project to improve how physicians utilize a specific clinical laboratory test. Michael Baylor Advisory Services is here to help you and your lab team understand best practices in the utilization of lab tests.




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